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The Last of the Fourth of Julys

169Writer: Richard Landau

Reza Badiyi

Steve Forrest (Quail); Kevin Tighe (Root); Tom Reese (Joe Alabam); and Arlene Martell (Violette)

Steve is a one man army who must storm an island and stop the international criminal known as Quail from carrying out his deadly plan for the Fourth of July.
First Aired: 4/5/74

How'd You Do That:
Violette asks how Steve managed to set off their radiation alarms. Steves responds, "It's my accent."

Beige Factor: Steve wears beige pants and a beige shirt for this mission.

Belt Buckle: Yes, on the mission.

W.T. Zacha:
Not here.

Aren't You The Colonel Austin:
Those who know who Steve is aren't surprised by him. Quail doesn't recognize him and Steve never reveals who he is, even at the end when Violette remarks, "You never told me your name," and he responds, "You're right."

This is one of my favorite episodes in the entire series. It has the feel of a James Bond type story as Steve takes on the baddie with the plan to disrupt the world with his laser aimed right at a peace conference. There's a beautiful Bond girl and an overeager henchman in the form of guest star Kevin Tighe, who is very unlike his character of John Gage on Emergency!. The bionics in this episode are actually minimal. It doesn't deter from the overall coolness of the story.

Trivia: Viewmaster released a three disk copy of this episode. I have it in my collection.

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10.
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