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"Dr. Wells is Missing"

Writer: Elroy Schwartz and Krishna Shah & William Keenan

Virgil W. Vogel

John van Dreelen (Alfredo Tucelli)

Steve travels to Austria to look after Rudy who is receiving an honorary doctorate from his alma mater.  Rudy is kidnapped by a Alfredo Tucelli, who wants his own bionic man.  When Steve comes to his rescue, he is captured and must try to convince Tucelli that he is not bionic.
First Aired: 3/29/74

How'd You Do That: 
Nobody questions Steve's abilities.

Beige Factor:  Steve briefly wears beige pants at the beginning of the episode.

Belt Buckle: No belt.

W.T. Zacha: 
He was not in this episode, although I always thought he was.  He would have fit in perfectly with Tucelli's goons.

Aren't You The Colonel Austin: 
While Tucelli makes no reference to Steve's astronaut career, he does refer to him as Colonel Austin.

I like this episode, but there is something odd about it that I can't quite put my finger on.  It features quite a bit of bionic action which is always good.  I think what I had a problem with was the whole build-up as Steve as a hiring agent for a pharmaceutical company that wants Rudy to develop a bionic man for them and the Tucelli not buying it.  He's right not to buy it, but there is no reasoning behind it.  He just orders Steve bound by chains and walks off.  Whatever his thinking process was in not believing the story works, but it doesn't translate on screen.

Trivia:  This is the first episode where Steve jumps straight upward.  There is no sound effect for the upward jump as there is for the downward leap.  The bionic sound effect is used once for Steve, but twice for Yamo, one of Tucelli's goons.

Overall Rating: 
9 out of 10.
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