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"The Rescue of Athena One"

Writer: D.C. Fontana

Larry Doheny (oddly enough, he's not given an onscreen credit)

Farrah Fawcett-Majors (Kelly Woods), Paul Kent (Flight Surgeon Wolf), John S. Ragin (Flight Director), Quinn Redeker (Capcom)

Steve must come to the aid of America's first female astronaut when her craft develops a malfunction that injures her companion, forcing them to dock with Skylab.

First Aired: 3/15/74

How'd You Do That: 
Steve catches a studio light and Kelly asks how he managed to do it with one hand.  "Well, two hands are for beginners."  Steve later admits that he had an accident and that he was put back together with some improvements.

Beige Factor: 
Steve briefly wears beige pants.

Belt Buckle: No belt.

W.T. Zacha: 
He was not in this episode.

Aren't You The Colonel Austin: 
Considering the nature of the episode, it would make sense that everyone would know who Steve is.

This is another great episode.  First, you have to give the series kudos for avoiding having any sort of dramatic sound effects for their space shots.  And they are consistent with that throughout the entire series.  This episode really dates the series though as it involves the use of Skylab, an orbital station that is now a memory.  Fawcett's first turn on the series (She would appear a total of four times.) is her best as she plays a determined young woman who is not looking out for herself compared to the characters she would play in the series in future episodes.  Writer Fontana proves she can do more than just write Star Trek, although she couldn't help including the line at the end when Steve comments that space really is the final frontier.

Trivia:  Jules Bergman was the science editor at ABC News at the time, so his appearance lends some real authenticity to the story.  Oscar smokes for the first and only time in the series.

Overall Rating: 
10 out of 10.
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