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"Eyewitness to Murder"

Writer: William Driskill

Akf Kjellin

Gary Lockwood (John Hopper and his twin), William Schallert (Lorin Sandusky), Ivor Barry (Mr. Hanley), Regis J. Cordic (Host), Leonard Stone (Lt. Tanner)

Steve witnesses the assassination attempt of the district attorney in a mob trial, only it looks like he may have the wrong guy.

First Aired: 3/8/74

How'd You Do That: 
When Steve captures Hopper, Hopper asks, "What are you?"  Steve replies, "Just a man who knows what he sees."  Sandusky asks Steve at the end of the episode how he managed to see Hopper from the rooftop in the dark.  "I eat a lot of carrots."

Beige Factor: 
Steve is wearing beige the night of the assassination attempt.

Belt Buckle:
No belt.

W.T. Zacha: 
He was not in this episode.

Aren't You The Colonel Austin: 
Both Tanner and Hanley recognize Steve.  Tanner asks Steve why he's working with Goldman.  "Goldman's got something on me."

Now here is an episode that has everything - bionic action, character development, and, at least if it's the first time seeing it, an actual mystery of how a man can be seen killing someone and be on television at the same time.  Sure, you could have your suspicions about Hopper and his twin, but until you see that first split screen scene, that's all you've got are suspicions.  And the character interplay between Oscar and Steve as Oscar first doubts Steve's first account is well played.  Finally, you have more bionic action than you can shake a stick at.  Infrared bionic night vision, jumping off a roof (only the second such jump from a above so far), ripping off a cab door, and lots of running.  (including a rapid run scene which actually works because it's from Hopper's point of view.)

Steve makes reference to being a detective as more Oscar's "bag."  It doesn't jibe though because if Oscar was once involved in some from of local law enforcement, he should know about procedures for prosecution and he clearly had to have it described to him by Sandusky.

Overall Rating: 
9 out of 10.
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