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"Doomsday, and Counting"

Teleplay:  Larry Brody     Story: Larry Brody and Kimmy Sangster

Director: Jerry Jameson

Guests: Gary Collins (Vasily Zhukov), Jane Merrow (Irina Leonova), William Smithers (General Koslenko)

Plot:  Steve comes to the aid of his cosmonaut counterpart when his fiance is trapped beneath a top secret Russian research facility on a countdown for destruction.

First Aired: 3/1/74

How'd You Do That:  Steve saves Vasily from certain death be deflecting a falling girder.  When asked to explain he responds, "Well sometimes that potato vodka does more for you than just give you a headache."  He later goes on to explain his accident.  Vasily figures out he's bionic.

Beige Factor:  Steve is wearing beige pants and a jacket at the beginning of the episode.  When he travels to the complex, he's decked out in brown.

Belt Buckle: It's tough to tell if he's wearing the belt.

W.T. Zacha:  He was not in this episode.

Aren't You The Colonel Austin:  Since this episode refers back to Steve's days as an astronaut, it's pretty obvious that everyone would know who he is.

Thoughts:  I really want to love this episode as it has so much going for it.  I think what keeps me from love is just that it's a little on the slow side as far as pacing and action.  I do love the ending in which Steve races the clock, not by running, but by trying to find the main power line and short circuit it, thus halting the countdown.  I also liked the fact that the director chose not to have all his Russian characters speaking with Russian accents.  I have never been a fan of Gary Collins as an actor, but he makes for a believable Russian in this episode since he didn't have to try to fake the accent.

Trivia:  We learn that Steve has a Geiger counter in his arm.  I believe it is used later in the series.

Overall Rating:  7.5 out of 10.
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